Source material

No drawing yet today, but it's not even 10pm so there's still time! Instead today I've been gathering source material. I'm fascinated by all creatures great and small so during a trip to Think Tank I took some photos to add to my reference library. I'm sure I'll be drawing from these at some point. Obviously it would have been nice to sit in the gallery and draw directly from the exhibits, but have you ever tried doing that with a four-year-old in tow?

A fabulous leopard. I know taxidermy is not to everyone's taste, but I'll not apologise for photographing a museum exhibit and using it as a reference in my work.

And an equally fabulous ram's skull. Ever since drawing in art class at secondary school where there was a cow's skull on the shelf of 'stuff for still life' I've been fascinated by skulls.

Hope you've had a good day.
Back soon,