I know her face better than my own...

...but can I draw it?

I'm working with portraits as a theme partly because of the Portrait exhibition that Through Our Hands will be having at Festival of Quilts this summer, but also towards some work that I can see happening beyond that too. For portraits you of course need a face to draw and my daughter is a willing model. So she's going to be the subject of a few studies.

I've been avidly watching the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year TV show. If you've been watching it too, no doubt you'll have seen loads of the artists using their iPads with grids over the photo. I'm always, rightly or wrongly, more impressed with the contestants who go for it straight onto the canvas with no grid and work directly from the sitter.

I'm so out of practise with observational drawing that this will probably be hopeless, but let's give it a whirl.