Out of the sketchbook

I have been inspired by watching the Sky Portrait Artist of the Year competition on TV and now it's over, really missed it this week. The calibre of the artists involved was so good, but more than that, it was inspiring to see them just get on with it, and do what you can do in four hours. I'm sure I'm not the only one guilty of staring at a blank page and then putting the book away again. The lesson is to just get on with it.

I very much enjoyed the work of the eventual winner, Gareth Reid. So lovely to see drawing getting such prominence and well deserved too. Working in my sketchbook on an (almost) daily basis has re-ignited the fire. It's true that it only takes a few days to form a habit, that quickly becomes a compulsion! 

This is what I worked on last night. I'm drawing onto a different surface for a change. Because I sometimes make quilts, I've often drawn onto fabric. Usually I temporarily stretch the fabric while I draw, then unstretch it, layer up and stitch. This time I've permanently fixed the fabric to a board.

Potential I think, but lots of questions to explore.

Back soon,