Sketchbook Pages

Here is a look at some of the pages I've been working on this week. These are all from my sketchbooks.

A multi-layered page that DMTV viewers will get to see in more detail in this week's video workshop.

And some close ups...

It's got a base of collage elements, then several layers of painting on top.

and another page on similar lines from my small sketchbook. Not sure what these colours are all about, I guess it's the problem with working late at night in the half light!

And then some pages that are just beginning.

This one has some mono printing and is waiting for more paint. 

My daughter is the subject of some of this work, and I've decided to also rope her in to fill up my sketchbook! I'm mixing in some of her drawings with some of mine. These are treasure maps, X marks the spot and all that.

She'll probably go mad when she sees I've stuck these into my book!

Back soon,



  1. great colors! Designs are so interesting...they just 'go' together! But you are the Queen of sketchbook pages!

  2. Just just love the idea of using monoprints to creat a bit of background. Definitely going to try that for my next sketchbook. I love it that you're back her, by the way. It means I can follow you more easily. You pop up in my reading list. H xx


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