Adding Black

Not only have you sent me lovely red fabrics, but a fine array of blacks too! I never anticipated this, I thought I'd mainly find plain black scraps, but look at this small selection of the perfect black prints you've sent me. I just love them. (They are blacker than this, but the photo is a bit lighter so you can see them better on screen).

So I've started the satisfying task of adding the black diamonds to the red stars. I love how it sets the stars off don't you?

You can arrange the stars so they they are set tip to tip with just one black diamond between them, but seeing as I have all these lovely black fabrics, I've decided to completely frame every star with black to form hexagon units. When they join, you get a black hexagon between and then when the whole quilt is together I think there will be a better balance between black and red.

So this is how it's shaping up so far. The bits of print and touches of metallic in lots of fabrics is really adding to the richness. 

I'll just finish up for today with a thank you for your continuing generosity. So far the fundraising total is over £6300. Fabulous!

I'll be back soon,
Love Laura


  1. Wonderful work and equally amazing amount donated

  2. It makes me so happy to see the blocks coming together. The variety of prints, shades of red/black, and the scale of prints make for such an interesting palette. Be well!

  3. Fantastic!!! Hugs your way!!!

  4. Beautiful, Laura! What a brilliant project. Will donate today and bring scraps to FOQ. All good wishes.

  5. Stunning, great color choices. I love this project.


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