Ruby Star Quilt Update

I have to start this blog with another thank you. This time for brightening my mornings with exciting bundles of post like this one! There aren't many things better than receiving lovely fabrics in the post. 

This project is already proving to be a treat to work on. I love looking at all your fabrics! I don't often sew with commercial prints so it's making a refreshing change to admire all these fabrics. I've also received some gorgeous batiks, fun prints and beautiful hand dyes.

I can cut the diamond that I'm using from the smallest scraps and I can't tell you how satisfying that is. I highly recommend it! I already have a neat pile of cut diamonds ready to work through.

You have also been so kind in sending me cards. This is just a small handful. I've looked at them all and will re-read them. But I just can't bear to cast them into the recycling. Where I can (some are too thick to sew through), I'm cutting them to use them for my papers for the quilt project. And if the cards themselves are too thick, I'm using the envelopes, so everything you've sent me is being put to good use.

It's another satisfying task and I love that I get to see little glimpses of your messages as I sew the project.

I'm having the first round of chemo as I type. Yesterday I spent the day in the hospital at the Lingen Davis Centre having the first lot of drugs. Now I'm back home with an at-home pump delivering the next batch of drugs that go in slowly over 48 hours. Isn't that remarkable? I can be home pottering about and getting on with life while receiving my treatment. Another thing to be grateful for. 

Of course while I was at the hospital I sewed, managing seven stars while I was there, so a small dent in the number I need. The project is proving to be a great talking point with the nurses and volunteers really interested in what all this is about. And of course, delighted to hear about the fundraising. I've checked in on the Just Giving page this morning and we have tipped the £4000 mark. Your kindness is really taking my breath away!

Until the next update...

Love and light,


  1. Always lovely to see your smile. Be well, my dear!

  2. Speaking (writing) from experience, out of every crappy cancer diagnosis, is a positive, personal journey! Meditation, whether in a mindfullness form or in meditive stitching is a balance to support recovery! Love that you are thinking of others Take care, Laura ����

  3. As I wrote your address on the fabric envelope, I did wonder whether you would end up with so much post, that the post office would allocate you your own delivery person? And if you get too much fabric for one person to stitch, I hope others in treatment will be inspired to start stitching too. I don't mind who uses my contributions so long as it helps along the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Enjoy stitching.

  4. So happy to see that fabric which I have loved is having another life, even such tiny scraps -they were once Christmas dresses for the children, they still glow!

  5. This warms my heart. I can visualize you in your suite with nurses and aids hovering with fabric and needle in hand to learn and help. There is something about creating that draws people in and opens their eyes to possibilities. Some cloth will be making its way across the pond soon. On a different subject, looking at the photos in this post my heart did a lurch. The writing on the card that you are using for piecing is just like my Great Grandmothers! She has been gone 40 years, but that hand writing was so iconic to me. My pen pal cousin in Australia had the same style. Sadly, it didn't make it over here. Be well and know we're here for you. xo

  6. You are blogging and sewing and getting pumped full of drugs all at the same time?! Good grief!

  7. beautiful ideas and ways to recycle everything! take care ! sending healing prayers!


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