The Ruby Star Quilt Project

The Lingen Davis Centre, part of Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, has been caring for me through my cancer treatment. To say thank you I want to contribute to the Lingen Davis Ruby Appeal to raise £1.25m by June 2019. I hope you might support me by sponsoring my Ruby Star Quilt Project.

I love the light because it shows me the way, yet I endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.

The Ruby Star Quilt Project

I am going to hand piece a patchwork quilt of ruby red stars to support the Lingen Davis Ruby Appeal. I'll sew the quilt with English paper piecing while I have my chemotherapy treatment. On the back of the quilt I will print the name of everyone who has sponsored me. 

Please sponsor me

I would be delighted if you could sponsor me to sew a star in your name.  
How you can help:

Donate £10 for 1 star

I'll hand piece the stars and make the quilt as big as I can. The more donations, the more stars! When the quilt is complete, I'll exhibit it and offer it for auction or raffle at a later date with an aim to raise further funds. You can sponsor me for as many stars as you wish! You can make your donation online here.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Please send fabric

I'll need lots of different red fabrics for the stars and also different black fabrics for the background. You can also support me by sending me your red and black fabric scraps. Please send lightweight, quilting weight cotton fabrics. I only need small pieces, anything over 1.5" x 2" is enough for a single diamond. But of course you can send more! Please post fabrics to me at:

Laura Kemshall
The Ruby Star Quilt Project
Worfield House
WV15 5LH

The fabrics can be commercial cottons, hand dyed fabrics, dressmaking scraps. They can be plain or variegated/patterned, but please make sure they are mostly red or black.

The back story...

In 2018, aged 39 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Since then I've had surgery to remove the visible cancer from my bowel, including a large tumour and the lymph nodes that had also become cancerous. I'm being scanned and monitored closely to keep a check on the cancer, looking for spread. In the meantime I'm undergoing a rigorous chemotherapy regime. Every other week I have a round of chemotherapy over the course of 48 hours. This will continue for 6 months. 

I have already been privileged to take advantage of new equipment in the Lingen Davis Centre funded by the money already raised for the Ruby Appeal. My chemo will be delivered via a PICC line (a permanent line inserted into my arm that travels into my heart to deliver the drugs as effectively as possible. Placement of that line was done using a brand new PICC Line Placement Machine. This equipment scans the arm before and after insertion of the line to help ensure correct positioning. 

Other funds raised by the Ruby Appeal have been used to purchase scoping equipment to aid in the earlier diagnosis of bowel cancers. My cancer took a long time to be diagnosed. Early detection is vital in improving survival so this is something very close to my heart.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my JustGiving page. If you are able to sponsor a star, send me fabric, or help share the word of this project I will be forever grateful.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now! 

Love and light,
Laura xxx


  1. A wonderful idea Laura and I hope it helps to have a focus while you are going through the months of chemo. Sending a big virtual hugxx

  2. Great idea to k eep the positive energy of creativity while going through treatment! I'll check my box of red fabric and send them to you. I'm a quilter too and I know how handcrafts help us to go on. (Art was my best therapy while going through difficult health issues!) sending light and healing thoughts !

  3. Love and hugs! Fabric is on its way.

  4. On my way to the postoffice :)

  5. Love your idea! Made a small donation and I'm going through my fabrics.. is it okay with small pieces?? 💜💜

  6. Done! Now to my stash for red and black fabric

  7. Done and done. Battle on Warrior Princess!!

  8. I love Patti's name for you - Warrior Princess, indeed! We've got your back. xo

  9. Done and now to find red and black. xx

  10. Little bit blown away by the total you've raised to date when I popped over to Just Giving. The grand total needed seems huge, but blimey if everyone made a quilt while receiving chemo they'd overshoot by miles! Such a brilliant, creative, Kemshall idea!!! Xxx


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