Fabric shopping

I spend a lot of time back and forth to Shrewsbury lately for obvious reasons so it's nice to pep up the day with a little flit around the shops. We must have been to Shrewsbury hundreds of times over the years, but for some reason never been in the Market Hall. This week we discovered it and there are little studio units in there as well as the usual stalls you'd expect. I enjoyed browsing the knitting shop Ewe and Ply, plus there was also a quilter, and someone making handmade children's clothes. So all in all a great detour. I will take some photos next time!

Yesterday was the last day of Chemo 11 (each chemo takes three days to be delivered) so it was back up to the hospital to have the pump disconnected. This time we livened up the day with a detour to the, relatively, new Abakhan shop that's right in the centre of town.

They have fabric on rolls priced by the metre, then cut lengths in bins that are sold by the kilo. I have enough fabric here to sink a ship, but couldn't help treating myself to some new bits.

They also sell yarn, trims, foam, cushion inners and other craft stuff so well worth a look if you in the area.

Here are the fabrics I picked out. They look like a motley assortment seen here together, but nothing in the pile is intended to be used in combo. Left to right, there's some basic black lining for some dresses, some funky spandex space print for some leggings for Amelie, a poly wool stripe which I'm hoping might be big enough for a Blackwood cardi, but if not, then some other jumper top, the red leopard spot which Amelie also has her eye on, and then the navy blue viscose jersey which isn't the most exciting fabric to look at but great to wear! I'm planning a simple T from that.

So lots of good intentions, but the chemo effects will start to kick in from this afternoon, so it'll most likely be next week before scissors get taken to any of it.

Hope you're all enjoying what's left of the school holidays.
Back soon,
Love Laura


  1. It was fun shopping along with you. Take care and lots of good rest!!

  2. I’d love a real-time rummage in Abakan! Been online shopping with them quite a few times. I’m hoping they might make it south at some point. Hope the side effects pass quickly. Only one more to go!

  3. Lovely to see such interesting shopping. Here in South East Queensland these shops and Quilt shops are all closing .It is very sad to see them going.
    Hope the next couple of days pass quickly ans easily for you.Well done to stay with the program. Best wishes.

  4. So glad you are finished with your treatments!!!! A great way to start off 2019!!! Yea for you!

  5. Hi Laura. Happy New Year. I hope the next few days are kind to you - thinking of you.

  6. Hi Laura,

    Thank you for your blog. I am on a similar journey to yours and it is useful to know some of what to expect. I have had one cycle of FOLFOX so far. Yesterday got the port-a-cath installed. In a week's time it will be time for cycle two.
    Your blog inspired me to write a blog and to dream up a project for the next six months. I think it will be a knitting project.

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