Landscape Inspirations

So now my current treatment plan is complete, I've got no legit reason for laying around lounging. I've been heading out for (almost) daily walks, partly to get my fitness back to something reasonable, partly for the thinking time, and mostly because I just like being out in the landscape, looking at the trees, birds, colour of the sky. God, that sounds properly airy fairy doesn't it? Seriously though, you've got to experience things and work from that, get to know your subject, digest it. I'm often asked where do you get your inspiration from?, and honestly, it's just from daily life. What I see, feel and think about the place I live in, the people I know and live with. It's nothing fancy, but when you love all those things and appreciate the detail of it all, it can't fail but to be inspirational.

Take a look at this for instance...

I took this photo on my morning walk yesterday. How perfect is it? No not my photography, that's patchy at best, but the colour! The colour of that grass. Given half a chance, that's the colour I paint all the walls in my house. Landscape's always been a reference for me. I live in the country, we have fields and trees, and at some times of the year there's a relentless green. I'm not a huge fan of green, that emerald, kelly, grass green. But look, grass ain't always green! This colour palette is so much more sophisticated. All that blueness of hue, with just that warm slice of pinky brown from the bare field. Also loving that clean blue at the top, and almost black at the bottom, so lots to take from this photo. 

Add in a hedge and voila! Perfection!

Bye for now,

P.S. Thanks for your comments on my previous post and on others. I do really appreciate you taking the time to write and I read every single one. xx


  1. Your countryside like truly lovely and I especially like the last photo. Great composition.

  2. Thanks for describing the colours. I often look at colours, but never pronounce the words that explain them. When you talk about pinky brown I realise that that is what I see.
    Btw, love that last photo!

  3. What a wonderful source of inspiration. At first I thought the grass was water. I have tried to explain the feeling I get when I go for a walk along the river. I too sound airy fairy. I figure it is something that you have to experience and to have it touch your soul. It doesn't happen all the time. Some days it is just putting one foot in front of the other. It is on those days that it seems Nature senses my mood and will throw in a "wow!" moment. An eagle hunting ducks, or a coyote on the island, or a seed pod rolling down the path in front of me. That is when I know that it was worth getting my layers on and venturing out.
    That hedge!!! Talk about texture. My landscape is desert - beige in almost every season except spring. I never appreciated the neutrals until I moved here. Now I see that the world isn't just beige, but ecru, tan, sepia,.....and all set off by a robin's egg blue sky. Throw in a colorful bird, a patch of spring grass or wild flower, and suddenly you want to race home to play with those colors.
    Thanks for sharing your world!

  4. I too love the colours - my bedroom walls are the same as the field and it isuch a restful tone, looking forward to seeing what you do with it Laura!

  5. So, Laura, you make 'thinking like the artist you ARE' a reality for many of us. We don't take time to see what lies ahead and allow ourselves the time (and the shots with the lens) to record the idea and then take it to another stratusphere with OUR ideas and foresight. You get that... and your sharing in words is always valuable, and when you add your photos or take us on your journey online, we all benefit from your mastery and expertise. Thank you! Love the added hedge! bethany

  6. Thank you, Laura for sharing the beauty of your country side, seeing it with your artistic sight, and helping us look at nature where we are, I love the bare winter trees against a scudded sky, birds flying, particularly seagulls that come in shore for food. That hedge is spectacular, long to see what you will do with it.


  7. I too love the description of the colors and am prone to use that palette. I see purple in the black tones at the bottom of the top photo - not really a true black, but a deep, deep purple. I have sage and gray-purple in my bedroom here in Cary, North Carolina. We are so fortunate to be able to capture the beauty in a photograph and then work it with cloth and paint and thread. Thanks for your posts. I am trying to find enough time to watch your videos, as I am always inspired by them. I am so glad you are getting stronger and are on the mend.


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