Monoprinted Sketchbook

I've started a new sketchbook. It has quite absorbent paper so not really suitable for fluid painted washes. Instead I'm going to monoprint into it, then add some drawing and probably collage.

I thought it would be fun to record the stages of the pages as they develop so here are the first few with just the monoprinted layer.

I'm using a gel plate and Golden Open acrylic paints.

I've made use of some stencils.

I've overdone this page (above) so I'll have to find a way to get that back. Maybe with some white paint.

I've tried to leave more space for other things to happen.

Monoprint is a super-quick way to get something down on the page and break into a new sketchbook.  If you've not tried it before, or would like to experiment further, there are a number of mono printing workshops on DMTV, like this one on gel print monoprints, and this one on monoprinted landscape, and a free video workshop here.

Thanks for taking a look. I'll be sure to post again when I've worked into the pages some more.

Bye for now,


  1. You always make me want to 'create' a journal of prints or drawings...since I can't draw I shy from this. I do keep a journal of the stamps I create just so I remember what I have! HA I've been a member of DMTV for years and are so inspired by your work and Linda's. Thanks for the inspiration and who day a printed journal may pop up in my world!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the inspiration. Like many, I've always wanted to keep a sketchbook, but it gets put on the low priority list. I'm hoping to change that this year. Santa was generous with art supplies this year and what better way to experiment than in a sketchbook. Looking forward to watching the pages progress. Wishing you a fun filled, pain free week.

  3. Did you print into the book? or make it from prints? the prints are very close to the gutter - amazing!

    1. Hi Vicki, This is a shop-bought sketchbook so I'm printing direct to the pages. The gel plate is quite flexible so you can push it into the spine to a certain extent. There's just a little white space, but I can fill that with other media later.


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