A Good Day

Mom and I had a really good day yesterday. Aside from her nearly killing me with lunch we had a productive day. Lunch by the way, was vegetable soup. We have two sorts, green or orange, and I've found it's best not to ask what's actually in it. Turns out one of the ingredients was chilli. It stopped hurting after a while, but only because my mouth had gone numb.

We've got lots of exciting exhibition opportunities next year and into 2015 for which we need plenty of new work. Mom had had a sleepless night and was describing to me this new work she was planning. As she's telling me about her plans I'm thinking, oh, I want to do that! So I've weedled my way in and now it's collaborative. It's an ambitious project and could turn into something quite epic. We've already got the title which is always a good sign. It's going to be about lots of things including family, home, history, possessions, connections, so an awful lot to mull over.

Watch this space as they say. As soon as I've got something tangible I'll show you where I'm at. In the meantime there are more boxes to be packed....



  1. See, never believe what your mother tells you about vegetables- they ARE poisonous.
    I love the pictures in the previous post - I don't have much stuff left from the sixties, but I DO have my Spirograph, still pristine in its box, so I'm going to dig it out and have a play x


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