New Stuff

Have you spotted the new links in the sidebar over there on the right? I've added a link to the Through Our Hands e-portfolio. It's the first catalogue of artists that we've put together and includes pages for everyone currently represented by Through Our Hands including the likes of Eszter Bornemisza, Bente Vold Klausen and yours truly. This is completely free and you can download or print a copy if you want to. Please help spread the word with your friends and share the link on your blog, Facebook page Twitter stream etc. etc. etc.!

Also new from Through Our Hands is our online Magazine. There you'll find news about TOH artists, but also lots of information about what's happening in the art and textile world including competition opportunities and exhibition listings. At the moment we're offering the chance to win free tickets to the West Country Quilt Show.

I hope you enjoy browsing this new site. Here's the link to bookmark:

I received this lovely photo by email today. Isn't it a lovely piece of work? Chris has made it as a gift for a very lucky friend. She's used some Fingerprint digital print fabric which you might recognise.

The border is made from some fabric that Chris designed in one of my recent workshops and we printed for her. I love how the quilting is adding even more colour.

I realise when I skim back through some recent blog posts that I haven't been showing you much of my own work. Oh dear, better go and do some!

Talk to you again soon,