Fingerprint Sunday School - TXT Message

I've spent the day with a lovely group of students at the second Fingerprint Sunday School. This time the title of the workshop was TXT Message and we played with lots of different methods for putting text on fabric.

I cleared out anything lettering related from my studio and we set up at the village hall where there was plenty of space to work. We used stamping, stencilling, spraying, direct writing with pens and paint, rubbings and painted fusible web. It was a lot to cover in a day, but hopefully the students enjoyed being able to take a mix and match approach to layer their favourite techniques.

They produced some excellent work. Here are a few photos to give you a flavour of the day...

Before the class we'd printed half a metre of handwriting fabric ready for the students to use during the day. Not everyone took the plunge and I do understand, it's nice to have some thinking time, but Stephanie was brave and stencilled larger scale lettering over the small scale handwriting. The transparent layer of paint ensures the text shows through beautifully - love it!

A catwalk of fabrics quickly appeared down the length of the hall.

Not all the text was so bold, Christine used delicate painted fusible lettering to add another layer to her already beautiful spray stencilled fabric.

Don't you just love this one by Tracy? I asked everyone to come with a thought in their heads about the text that they want to use. Tracy used all sorts of phrases associated with stitching.

We went for an almost graffiti style with some of the techniques as in the handwritten fabrics at the top of this photo. Elizabeth worked freehand with layers and layers of handwriting using fabric markers. I think they'll be so exciting when they're chopped up into some patchwork. 

This is the last of my workshops for this year but I have others planned in my head for next Spring. I hope if you haven't been able to come this summer that you might be able to join me then. 



  1. This looks such great fun. The class was too far away for me to attend, and I would have so loved to be part of it. The work looks fantastic and inspirational. I would be most interested to see how the fabrics are subsequently used. Such a delight to see the talent, skills and artistry of women being displayed on fabric. Long may it continue!

  2. Laura, Is there any chance that your workshops might turn into online mini workshops? for those of us on another continent :)

  3. I so wish I had been there as I love using text in my work! The results are brilliant.x


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