Fingerprint is on the move

I've been waiting and waiting to share the news that Fingerprint is moving to new premises. I'm so excited that we'll have a bigger space.  For the first time we'll be able to have the printing equipment and my work area all in one room with space for a big worktable rather than the small desk that I'm used to. No more packing away my sewing machine to make space for drawing and vice versa. Yippee! Of course in my mind the new room is as big as three football pitches with acres of wall, but in truth it's going to take a lot of organisation and planning to get it suited for everything we need to do in there, but I know it's going to be worth it.

Why am I telling you this? Well if I don't I might burst, and secondly, it does mean we'll have to have a bit of Fingerprint downtime while we pack up, move and set back up. If you've been thinking of having some bespoke print work done with us please get in touch so I can fill you in on our move dates and let you know when we'd be able to print for you. Usually we try to keep to a 10 day turnaround, but obviously it'll be longer while we get organised again.

Thanks for checking in with the blog, more news soon.


  1. Congratulations on the new space!!! I know first hand how exciting this is. My secret is that we are building an out building (a cottage) for me to create in. Much less expensive than a new house and just the right size. I have been resisting the urge to go to tag sales and thrift stores to look for cupboards or tables. I know that I could fill the place up four times over with "treasures". Looking forward to photos of your new digs. Have fun!

  2. Best of luck! I love the printed fabrics I bought from you!!!!


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