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Just a quick post today to share a gift idea. If you're looking for something special to give this Christmas, or better still to add to your own wish list, then perhaps you might consider a Bespoke digital print scarf.

We've just printed this one for a customer in Birmingham. They have supplied the lovely marbled image and we've printed it to gorgeous silk chiffon which is so soft and drapes beautifully.

Usually I would enlist the services of our regular seamstress to make up Bespoke items like this, but she's away so this one was trimmed and the hem machine rolled by yours truly. I chose a medium grey thread which virtually disappears even on a multicolour print like this.

Of course the image that we print can be anything. If you have artwork on paper then scanning it works well, or maybe you have a collection of digital photos that you'd like to use. Photos of your own garden, or  favourite scenic shots of a holiday can work brilliantly. Your scarf can be printed with one large image, or with a montage of lots of different ones.

This scarf measured approximately 1m x 1m and including hemming and postage to the UK is £61. We do ship overseas too, just enquire for a postage quote if required. Of course the beauty of digital print and the short run service that we offer is that you can order just one, but if you order more then we're able to offer a 20% discount on the fabric and print costs (not the hemming and postage).

If that sounds tempting, but you're not sure about digital print and how to send images etc. don't worry. Help with all of that is part of the service here at Fingerprint and we'll guide you through. Our print lead times at the moment for special orders like this are around 10-14 days so if you'd like to chat about placing an order to arrive before Christmas, just drop me a line and I'll be happy to advise. My email is

Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Hi Laura,
    Are you by any chance the artist who's "Don"t Go" captured my heart at the Pacific International Quilt Fest in Santa Clara, California US, last month?? If you are, your quilt was my favorite of all. I can not tell how many birds have taken their last breath in my hands. I love your detailed quilting, brilliant work.

  2. Hi Ingrid, Yep, that's me! So pleased you enjoyed seeing the quilt. I hope you enjoy keeping up with progress on other things here on the blog thanks so much for taking the time to comment.


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