The Birds

I've been invaded by flocks of birds in the studio today! We've prepared stocks of the panels designed by Linda ready to go into the shop. It takes quite a bit of work to get a painting on a wooden panel designed into a printed fabric panel in the store so I'm pleased to see them listed this afternoon. As you can see from these photos we've printed them in three sizes.

I've added them to the shop individually, but also in sets which I hope'll make a lovely gift or treat for yourself.

You might have already seen the pincushions that Linda made using the panels on her blog or Facebook. For those she used the smallest size. We've also gone for a medium size which is ideal for mini-cushions and then our usual large size which is perfect for regular cushions for your sofa. Of course you can use the panels for other projects, not just cushions. I fancy making a table runner using all four, I reckon that'll look great on our dining table for this autumn and winter. I've added it to my mental to-do list anyway!

If you'd like to purchase a panel, or set, or one of Linda's ready-made pincushions you'll find them all available now. Here's a link to take you there:

Hope that didn't sound too much like a mercenary sales pitch, but a girl's gotta make a living and there's no point us having all this lovely stuff if I don't show you!

Seriously I was invaded by birds. This little guy and at least four of his mates flew into the covered area next to the studio.

He perched neatly on this cuphook, then...

...starting swinging upside down. It was all I could do to grab the camera before he swooped out. Apologies for the horrible reflections on the windows! Their acrobatics were all in a good cause, they seemed to be pecking at all the spider nests on the timber. I love bluetits even more now I know they are reducing the spider population!

Meanwhile out in the village the scenery is definitely looking very autumnal and the road a little swampy in places. 

I love that the gate to the churchyard is so cherished that someone thought it deserved being so beautifully mended. By the look of it there's not much of the original left and the result is most definitely an interesting patchwork!


  1. I bought and received a wren pincushion from you as a gift for a relative- can't say who in case she reads this! It's beautiful:) Thank you x


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