I read yesterday that children should only watch TV for half an hour a day and it should never be on in the background while they're engaged in another activity. Made me think about how I work, usually with some inane TV or my iTunes library blaring in the background...

So for this post we will have some musical (and video) accompaniment. I was just going to pick out one song, but I couldn't narrow it down and when I came across this old recording which I just love, it couldn't not be the one.

I'm sure that because from being a tiny baby I grew up in a household where music was always played, that this sort of stuff, which predates me by quite a few years, has some resonance. The sound of a guitar, a harmonica and a shaky voice. 

A few years ago I made this quilt.

It's called The Sound of Your Guitar. Not a reference to Neil, but to my Dad. I can't remember if there was a time when he didn't play, seems to me as though it's always been a soundtrack in our lives. The sound of home. Makes me smile when I hear him teaching Amelie ukelele in the next room as the strings get stretched out of all tuning. 

I need to take a new photo of them playing together, I can tell by her wispy punk hairdo that this one is quite a few months ago now. 

So whatever the guidelines, ours will never be a quiet house!


  1. Amelie is going to be such a creative young lady....just like her mom, and grandma!!! Being surrounded by music, fabric, painting and such will make her feel so comfortable and uninhibited! Perfect life...

  2. Well, Neil Young certainly doesn't predate me!
    Like you I play music all the time especially when I am sewing and my children grew up surrounded by the music of my youth, I'm happy to report that they are all creative beings!
    Carry on...................

  3. I used to play music all the time when expecting and after when they were small. In fact all the time since too really. I was comparing a few new albums the other week with my son (just turned 27) and he actually gave me a hug and thanked me for 'giving his life an awesome soundtrack'!! Precious things.

    And that photo is adorable!

  4. Neil Young was the first performer I recorded on my (then) state of the art cassette recorder which I proudly bought with my student grant in 1971. I think it was After The Gold Rush from a radio performance. Thank you for reviving the memory. I generally have music playing when I'm working and it varies according to how much I need to concentrate on what I'm doing. I'm sure Amelie will grow up with a love of music and fabrics with warm memories of special moments surrounded by loving family. Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter's progress with us, I loved the Halloween photos. (I am now going to check out Neil Young's music for download).

  5. Is it your dad who plays the theme tune on DMTV? It's very accomplished!

  6. Neil Young was a frequent performer in the "soundtrack of my life," so THANK YOU for sharing this recording from early in his career. I still enjoy music very much and find that having it on, especially songs that I know by heart and can sing to without thinking about it, actually enhances my quiltmaking. Even when I'm in the designing stage, it seems that I'm better able to make creative decisions while singing and listening to familiar music.


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