All change

The last couple of years have seen a lot of change for pretty obvious reasons, new baby, setting up our family business Fingerprint and a house and studio move. When I think of everything that's happened I realise why I've felt a bit pooped at times! As new things begin it's time to draw a line under others and move on. I'm always excited to start embark on a fresh project. When people from the outside world get  half an idea about what I do, I reckon they must think it's such an easy life. We all know that it's a juggling act of working about four full time jobs don't we! 

My friend Annabel and I have been developing the Through Our Hands project for a while now. At the moment we're finalising plans for the 2015 exhibitions, but alongside that we're working on the website too. If you've followed TOH at then you'll know Annabel (and me sometimes) posted daily with an interesting article often with useful links or information about art and textiles. This was such a popular feature of the site that we're going to develop it into more of a formal newsletter. It'll still be online, but you'll be able to flick through it like a mini magazine with lots of gorgeous images. We're hoping that the first one will be ready for May so I'll keep you posted on that and hopefully our free time will match our ambition!

I do think that as a creative person trying to make a living out of art or craft, one of the most important things to do is to plan ahead. I'm often starting new projects at what feels like the most inappropriate moment when there is so much else to do. It's vital though to get these things underway so that they can be bubbling under the surface and be ready to pop up. What I'm most excited about at the moment is that I'm going to be collaborating with my sister for the first time. You know Mom and I have worked together for years and we're often asked whether my sister does anything creative. Well yes she does! We're still in the plotting and scheming stages at the moment but I think it's going to be a lot of fun. News of what we're up to will be posted here when we've decided exactly what it is!



  1. ooooo very interesting. A cliff hanger!

  2. Sounds very exciting! I have needed the sister quilt to my Don't Go for a year but I know you have been so, so busy!! I think I am now content in what I have and knowing life changes, even to the ultimate as you know what me wanting that other quilt signifies.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a new family collaboration!!

  3. maybe the egg is from a wren?


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