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In our village there's a nursery that apart from a few special days, isn't usually open the public. Yesterday was one of those days so I headed round to pick up some plants. It's tricky to buy for a new garden because I'm not quite sure what's still lurking beneath the soil ready to pop up. I do have some favourite plants that seem to be absent though so off I went.

On the left of this polytunnel it's mostly heuchera which were top of my list. I love the dark purple foliage and we've got some red stemmed dogwoods which I'm going to underplant. Yum.

On the right hand side beyond the hellebores were lots of ferns. We had quite a few at our old house and hardly any here. I'd forgotten how much I like them. We've been looking for a solution for a very shady area that has bulbs in the spring, but not much else. A fernery!

Take a look at these rows! I asked whether they issued rulers to all of the staff. It's lovely to see such pride taken in the plants isn't it? Amelie was more enamoured with a mother duck who was shepherding about a dozen duckling through the pots. I'm hoping for a few days of clement weather so I can get everything into the ground, wish me luck!

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  1. What a feast for the eyes! I love visiting the nursery, if for nothing more than the color filled inspiration. I don't know if you can find Coral bark maples in England, but they are a beautiful investment. Their firey coral bark against a winter snow compliments the red twig dogwood beautifully. I live in the desert area of the Pacific Northwest (about 275 miles southeast of Catherine). Yet, I have brought my native Seattle plants with me - ferns, hostas, heuchera, trilliums, jack in the pulpit, etc. A piece of my Grandmother's garden has followed me here. :) Have fun in the garden! Perhaps Amelie needs a duck or two?


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