What's new?

I've been working on the final quilt to go over to Canada for the thr3fold exhibition which's rapidly approaching. This is the partner piece to the gold quilt that I finished last week.

Please don't think that I manage to rattle a quilt off per week! I'd been working on both of these off and on for a long time.

Like the gold quilt this one started off as a digital print on poplin. I've painted out the background with white acrylic and added some printed lettering again with acrylic paint using commercial foam stamps. I wanted to enhance the graphic quality of the print and detail of patterning on the flowers with the freehand quilting so I've chosen a single colour of thread which stands out from the base fabric colour most of the time.

With the freehand quilting in place I've pinned the quilt onto the longarm so I can put in some horizontal lines on the white areas. The gold quilt had a grid and while I didn't want to use exactly the same treatment I did want there to me some connection. I hope the horizontal lines balance the verticals of the stem and supporting cane. The longarm has something called 'channel lock' where you can choose a point, flick a switch and the machine will only move from left to right (not front to back) so quilting straight lines is fast and easy.

Nearly done!

Bye for now,