Need to loosen up?

Do you need to loosen up your artistic style? Looking for more gestural mark-making, more abandonment in your use of colour? You need a toddler!

Amelie and I had fun doing a bit of drawing together this afternoon. Collaborating with a 20 month old makes you throw all preconceived ideas out the window. We'll use every colour, especially the ones I don't much like!

I've bought her two sets of children's' crayons and, to be frank, they're rubbish, too hard with binder and no pigment. Fine if you don't want them easily smeared over clothes or carpet, but otherwise pointless. She'd try to use them and give up after a minute or so because they barely make a mark on the paper.

So I decided it's time to crack open the oil pastels.

(We're beyond the stage of tucking into everything and of course I washed her hands before tea).

The vibrant and buttery soft pastels were an instant hit and once the paper was (quickly) filled she moved onto the drawing board!


  1. As they say in Maine, "And a good time was had by all".

  2. She is adorable and looks so focused on her drawing. Save those drawings - she may want to use them for inspiration some day, just like her mother and grandmother!

  3. I see Amelie will be a featured artist on DMTV soon. I love how children create with abandon. We all need to learn to color outside the lines a little more often. Thanks for making me smile.


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