Art Day - again

OK, well I suppose nearly every day is an 'art day' around here! I managed to put my back out yesterday so as that's put pay to any more gardening we've spent today in the studio.

Amelie, who seems to have extraordinarily long arms when it comes to getting her hands on things I am sure are well out of reach, swiped a gluestick off the studio shelves so we decided to do a little bit of collage. Small children are cute at any age but now, at 21 months, I'm loving how I can say a word once and she'll learn it or I can show her something and she get's the hang of it really quick. She's a real pro with a sticker book, but this was the first time we'd used glue. I couldn't cut shapes fast enough for her demands - 'Mommy stdar (star), Mommy eart (heart)!!'.

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  1. Just wait till she grabs your scissors!

  2. and all colour co-ordinated! Amelie's collage matches her dress!

  3. Adorable..& allowing her to "play" without rules is wonderful!!!! Good parenting!

  4. Thank you for telling us the brand of the pencils Amelie is playing with in last blog post and here as well. They have jsut arrived and I'm sure my daughter will love them ... She very much enjoyed my Inktense crayons as well, but these ones she can use whenever she wants, Inktense were just a treat!!! I'm a sewing and creating and blogging mother as well, and it's so nice to read every now and then about the kids and be inspired by other creative mums!! Thank you very much. Vendulka

  5. Love that face. Such pride in her art!

  6. what a cut little girl, they're just so sweet at that age


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