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Steady progress is being made on a variety of projects here in the studio. I'm really enjoying putting some quilting into the appliqués for DMTV. The next video demonstration will focus on how quilting can reinforce what's there already but also how it can add new design elements. I've been putting the groundwork in on my three example pieces ready to tape the show very soon. There's never one right way to quilt a quilt so having three pieces in this little series means there's plenty of scope to try out ideas. If you're new to the blog and haven't heard about DMTV before there's a handy link over there in the sidebar.

It's 8 weeks until Festival of Quilts which is our next big event. That might sound like quite a long time but there is so much preparation to do! One of the jobs on the list is to make sure we have enough stock of each of the designs. We can never be sure what to print, some fabrics will sell like hotcakes one day and burnt buns the next. I reckon the poppies will always be popular, well, I love them anyway, so they're included in this latest run along with some new designs. It's impossible to tell in the photo, but these are printed on cotton velvet which is just gorgeous.

I've mentioned that I will be doing some workshops this summer and autumn and there's been quite a bit of interest so top of my list for the rest of the week is to try to secure a venue and set the dates. It's always exciting to plan the classes and I hope to be able to post all the info really soon. If you would like to be kept informed by email about the possible workshops then please just sign up to my newsletter using the link at the top of the sidebar. I promise not to send you any junk and you can unsubscribe any time!

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  1. Looking forward to the new DMTV segments! I have really enjoyed this particular's so great to see the process from start to (almost) finished!! And really wish I lived close enough to attend the Festival of Quilts or to attend one of your workshops,


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