Art day

Bookings for the workshops are open and the classes are filling up nicely so if you're interested do drop me a line so I can hold you a place. They should be really enjoyable days! Hopefully you'll have as much fun as Amelie - today we played with water-soluble pencils and a colour frenzy ensued…

Her 'smile for the camera' face.

Thanks for dropping by,


  1. I see she enjoy the use of the table-top as well as the sketchbook. What brand are those water-soluble pencils? I would love to get some for my grandchildren.


    1. Hi Greta, They're made by Stabilo and seem pretty highly pigmented. We like them so far!

  2. True artist. What would happen if ... you coloured on wood? Love the camera face, especially the crinkly eyes.

  3. I love that smiling face. It doesn't matter what the weather is or my mood, a pic of Amelie grinning brings on the sunshine. Watching children create is fascinating. Their concentration (albeit short sometimes) and imagination is something I want to recapture. Once when my nephew was visiting and bored to tears as we don't have cable TV or video games, I asked him if he wanted to paint. We went and filled a box with art supplies and for the rest of the visit I didn't hear "I'm bored". At 29, he still talks about that visit and the leave prints, walks along the river, and the art making. Music to an Aunty's ears. :)


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