Open Garden

Our neighbours opened their garden to the public this weekend, and very beautiful it is too.

The roses were on form. I love this cabbagey sort.

and there are some fairly impressive water features...

The magnolias were fascinating.

I had no idea the blooms stayed on the plant till the death, just rusting!

 And there were little surprises like this amongst the trees…

The house is ancient and wonderful.

And there's a very pretty orchard too.

Feeling inspired I've been out this afternoon armed with a spade tackling our patch!

Bye for now,


  1. Wow! What an amazing garden. I'm so envious!

    1. Hi Annabel, I think you would have loved it. Next time they open I'll let you know and perhaps you can come over. You can come and do your thing in mine too - bring your weeding trowel! x

    2. Okey Dokey, that's a deal then! I always travel with a trowel - didn't you know that?!

  2. What is the history of the place? Do you know? It looks fantastic!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, I believe it was built in mid 16th Century and was until relatively recently part of the Davenport Estate being the home of Lieutenant General Sir Oliver Leese and Lady Davenport. It's a beautiful property and I would love to see inside! The gardens that we see today were developed by the current owners over the last 50 years.

  3. Beautiful photos. I've never seen a magnolia in person. Hopefully one day.

  4. What a beautiful house and garden, there must be so much history associated with it. The bridge looks like a Monet painting - must take a team of gardeners to keep it all looking so beautiful. How lucky you were to be able to explore it.


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