Experimenting tonight with a bit more digital tracing. This time I've kept the background photo partially visible through the semi-transparent tracing. Quite like the way it adds some soft colour to a linear study. I reckon with the addition of more layers that could become more sophisticated and interesting. 

Drawn in ProCreate with an Adonit stylus. 

Someone asked how to print from an iPad. Some printers have AirPrint which means you can print from your device. My printer isn't fancy and doesn't have that function so instead ProCreate, (and presumably other apps), allow you to Export your drawing as a .jpg. So I email it to myself and then I can open it on my Macbook, save and print from there. By doing it that way, I can open it in Photoshop if I want, add or adjust and print at a size that suits my sketchbook. If you find yourself using an app that you're new to, make sure to check out the software website and also You Tube as there are often lots of tutorials and tips.

Have a great weekend, I'll try and be back tomorrow!


  1. Lovely rosehips. I look forward to these at the end of summer every year! I have a few white Rugosas in the garden and these look exactly the same.

  2. Love these - feel they have real potential.


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