Scary Stuff

So as you can see, we spent one afternoon this week carving pumpkins...

I know it looks as though she's sat amidst a building site. We're really pushing ahead with renovations and it's so exciting to see (and feel) a difference as we insulate the house. It feels so satisfying to wrap it up just in time for winter. 

If you're booked on one of my workshops then these next photos might leave you a little un-nerved, but honestly, the workshop space will be ready in time!

I think this is the first time I've shown a peek of what it's like inside. I know, rather shed-like at the moment, but give us a few more weeks and there will be white painted plaster, a beautiful tiled floor and lovely lighting. It may not look like it, but a lot of work has already been done. The entire structure been taken apart, old rotten wood replaced with new and last weekend we raised the roof!

Have to say though, I am more than a little heartbroken that some of the lovely painted surfaces will be covered up. I've been documenting it all very thoroughly first!

I really must do a little research and see if this company is still in existence. It's the maker's badge from the front door of the pavilion. Definitely a keeper - this won't be painted over!

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  1. Laura - hope you got my deposit ok. Really looking forward to a day in the pavilion!! Fancy having your own vintage cricket pavilion, not that I'm jealous you understand!!!

  2. I can see some fabric printing in the making!!! Sure hope so!!

  3. Midsomer-Norton... I never knew Midsomer was real!

  4. My husband is a real Google-freak, so when I pointed this out to him in the context of Midsomer (we are mad fans of the TV series) he had to go on a trawl.
    This is what he found, I hope it helps.


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