Drafting in help

Well, turns out the "Finish Me!" journals are more popular than I'd anticipated. I confess, I'd made 8, one to keep for myself and one for Linda. I thought if I was lucky, that I might have takers for the others. I'm delighted that they, and more, have all sold. I've raided another drawer in the plan chest and have been busily making books. If you've ordered one, then a big thank you for your purchase. I'll get your book out to you as soon as is humanly possible!

As I've been binding them, I've been giving lots of thought to ideas for things we can do to finish the books. I've come up with some suggestions that I hope you'll think will be a lot of fun so do check back to the blog over the next week or so for the first post. (I'll pop a link on Facebook and Twitter too).

I wanted to make some new printed papers for the next batch of books and so I've drafted in some extra help...my apprentice hadn't done monoprinting before. Luckily she's a quick learner...

We started with a bit of block printing. You can picture the scene - I'm trying to be super-productive and have several sheets of lovely clean white paper ready, clean roller, a plan in mind, then a little voice chirps up "I'll try!". The only place for her to go was on the table. She commandeered three sheets of paper and of course, the dirty roller, clean roller system lasted about a minute.

Next up, monoprinting. I showed her the technique where you ink up the plate, pop it face down, very lightly, and draw on the back to make the design (we'll be doing this one at my monoprint workshops this summer!). 

A little drawing with the left hand... and a little with the right...


Thanks for visiting today. Better go cut up some more papers (and scrub the paint off the table).



  1. Never mind scrubbing paint off the table, I suspect mother and child might also need a good scrub!

  2. I love how Amelia gets into creating art. I am going to remember that approach next time I am printing - up on the table, up close and personal.

  3. I have been looking at Magritte and his "This is not a pipe" from my Visual Class where we are considering semiotics - the study of signs. I had an idea which I will share with you. If I was lucky enough to get a pear print in my book, I was going to collage in one of my hand drawings of a pear, and caption it " This is not a pear .... it's a pair". If I apply a theory in my own work, I am more likely to remember it.

  4. PS Owners of later Finish Me Sketchbooks will be the proud owners of "early Amelie" prints. How lucky are they!

  5. I love this. Now the entire family is in the art business!!

  6. How lucky you - and Amelie - are to have the ability to do this. When my children were at this stage I didn't know what a monoprint was, so how could I teach them? We did a lot of designing and building with Lego (I studied architecture) so I guess they didn't miss out entirely but how I wish I could have instilled a love of art in them.

    And don't worry about the mess, serendipity plays a big part in printmaking I've discovered. You never know, you may be harbouring a genius.


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