Finish Me Art Journal - Stake your Claim

The Finish Me! art journals have started out as my work, but now it's time to stake your claim - here's my tip for this week:

Put your name on it!
The first page of my book was conveniently blank so it was the perfect spot to place my name. If your first page isn't blank, then you might choose to paint it out with white paint (the whole thing or just a small area), or perhaps add a label of plain paper.

I started by stamping my name. Curiously I'd been researching hand-drawn lettering and when I met up with my pal Annabel she gave me a set of really nice letter stamps with much the same feel as I'd been seeing in the hand drawn styles. The theory was the stamps were for Amelie, but she will have to share!

Once my name was stamped I've used pens to elaborate.

I've looked to the free motion quilting patterns that I know to add doodled detail in the background.

And I've added a typical motif that crops up in my work - a poppy seed head of course!

If you're nervous about drawing direct to the page with pen, use a pencil first to set out the main letters and then go over it with pen before rubbing out.

Stamping the letters is such an easy way to start. Trust me, even a 2 year old can do it...

Inking up the stamp...

Checking it's evenly covered...

Press down firmly...

All done!

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  1. That's brilliant, well done Amelie! Annabel xx ps yer mum's quite clever too though.

  2. Great tutorial, Mum will be redundant soon!

  3. This is going to be a multigenerational affair - 3 generations of Kemshall women all being arty

  4. I know what I am going to do this afternoon.Thanks!


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