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I've started a new sketchbook. I know, I can't help myself! This is a sketchbook with a difference though. Instead of working in a blank book I've bound a collection of interesting pages to make something really special to work in.

I couldn't make just one - I have lots of lovely papers - so I've made a small batch and I wondered if you might like to work along? I'll be posting ideas to try over the next few weeks and I hope you'll find these little books make an ideal sketchbook or art journal, maybe even a diary.

The books are a manageable size and I've included all sorts of papers. You will get lovely quality  blank cartridge, watercolour and tracing paper, vintage maps and pages salvaged from books including antique papers from the 18th and 19th Century. Alongside these pages I've raided the drawers in my studio and you might get original monoprints, etchings, painted papers, linoprints and more. 

Pages are 15cm x 15cm. approx. 58 sheets (116 pages) per book with hardback covers (black front, white back). All books are hand cut and spiral bound by me.

"Finish Me" Art Journal/Sketchbook from £15 including postage.

The first batch is all sold, but I'm making more - there will be a slight delay while I cut paper!

I love how the random nature of this binding technique means that a vintage map can end up facing an original page of beautiful 18th Century print.

Also in the books you'll find original 19th Century newspaper pages like this one.

Maybe you'll get an original monoprinted page by yours truly.

Or maybe even a page of vintage atlas showing the place where you live.

You might also get some funky monoprints.

Thanks for visiting, I'll be back soon with a look at how my book is shaping up. In the meantime, why not head over to Linda's blog where she's already made a start on hers.



  1. What a fab idea! And square! (I loathe A4 with a passion - hangover from too much time spent working in offices). A truly inspirational idea! I might do mine by using some of the instructions from Keri Smith's "Wreck This Journal" - which is an excellent way of overcoming artists block. I will be watching the postman lime a hawk for the next few days!

  2. After seeing your book over at Linda's, I must order one. I figure you and Linda will inspire me and it won't join other sketchbooks that remain blank on the bookshelf. :)

  3. Oooh great idea. I've ordered mine and looking forward to it arriving. (and re the above comment - I'm another 'empty sketchbook' collector) Gill x

  4. Well Laura I try to order 2 of these books, but pay pal was again playing tricks on me. It refuse my password over and over again. I even try to reset it but no results. I wish I could just pay normal with my credit card. I would like so much to have two of these book.

  5. Laura I had some trouble with Pay Pale but I solve the problem. I order two books in to two different orders because I could chance the amount. But you can send them together. I can't wait to hold them and work in them together on DMTV

  6. I have been watching all weekend like a hawk, but there were no further journals for sale - or am I blind? I want one so much pretty please with Bambi eyes and a cherry on top.


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