Entertaining the Creative Kid

I'm always looking for activities to keep Amelie entertained. When I was little we had Fuzzy Felt. Do you remember them too? I'm sure they're still available, but we've gone for a homemade version. All you need is a few pieces of brightly coloured felt and some sharp scissors (the scissors are for the grown up!).

We chose a background colour that would work for a variety of scenes - this mid blue is good, it can be sky or sea. Then while she sat impatiently, I cut hills, trees, a sun, clouds...Before long special requests were being shouted: red apples, stalks, leaves, windows, bird with a beak and an eye...

Needless to say this is great for perfecting those precision, fine motor skills.

So far this has been a big hit and she's remade different versions of the picture several times. 

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  1. This looks like such fun and brings back memories of when my daughter was young. Her big thing was making things with paper and scotch tape. Every time we went to wrap presents we could not find the tape! She is now 26. Sometimes I miss those days. Now she crochets and has no interest in quilting. I keep hoping someday.... She is great help on my quilts.

  2. I loved Fuzzy Felt back in the 60's, just geometric shapes back then so good for developing the imagination!

  3. Chorus of 'Fuzzy Felts!' From this family. Many happy memories. We used the bought ones but soon progressed to cutting other shapes. My husband specialised in weird fish and funny faces and the girls who are mid to late twenties still replicate them in their designs. Happy days!

  4. Sweet and I DO remember fuzzy felt!


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