What's on DMTV today?

There's a new DMTV video workshop available today. A few weeks ago I demonstrated a fun and spontaneous method for starting a sketchbook page. Today it's time to take it on to the next stage and complete the page with some pattern and drawing.

The video workshop is available for DMTV subscribers, (and the first part of the workshop is still live in the playlist too). Here's the link:


If you're not already a subscriber, perhaps we can tempt you? Sign up and you'll have access to the current playlist of video workshops (more than 30) with a new workshop added each week.

Here's all the info. Prices start from £25 for 3 months access (over 42 video workshops).

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  1. Laura - you're a tease! Thinking about an early birthday present for myself! Mind you I probably don't need any more distractions and should just 'get on with it' ( art that is. So easy to procrastinate!)

  2. Hilary! How can you not have a subscription?? I've had one since it began and wouldn't be without it. It's not just the inspiration, it's the belonging too!! ;-)

  3. Laura, I would still love to have to have one of your Finish Me journals, please. I had emailed my request earlier to Linda instead of coming to you, sorry about that. I enjoy the way you keep coming up with new ideas, and different twists for stitch and sketchbook work on DMTV and in Creative Sketchbook course. Mine has been lots of loose paper and fabric samples (except some C&G work). Thank you for showing pictures of your young apprentice. Her concentration is very good, she always cheers me up. I do remember from my own children that this is not always the case. Best wishes Cathy Jupp


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