Wooden House Progress

Steady progress is being made on the pavilion in anticipation of the workshops starting this Spring. Jamie appreciates how important good lighting is for working in - hmm - maybe I grumble too much about the existing lighting in the house! He's really taken care to fit something that'll be just right.

I'll show you a photo but you have to promise to only look at the lights. Don't look at the plastic window that's just taking up space in there, or the debris on the floor, or the ugly step ladders, or the bit of wall that got dented and had to be filled...

The track lighting means that we can add or move fittings as required but I think it looks OK as it is. Once we've got some tables in there we can faff about with getting each little light angled just right! This photo was taken at night and it's still pretty bright in there.
The next thing is the flooring. Dusty concrete just won't do. Can't wait for some vinyl to be fitted and I can get in and start arranging things. 

If you'd like to join me and get creative in this space you'll find details of the 'Wooden House' workshops on the 'workshops' tab at the top of this page. I'm also taking bookings for group workshops/retreats so if you and your friends fancy a couple of days in beautiful Shropshire countryside do email me to chat about what we could do. I can accommodate up to 8 people (depending on activity) and there is a choice of lovely accommodation nearby. 

Thanks for dropping by today. Hopefully with the wind behind us, deadlines approaching and plenty of elbow grease, the next time I show you the pavilion it'll all be ready.



  1. How exciting! Good lighting is worth it's weight in gold.

  2. I love how the building is coming together. When we built my little cottage, all I was concerned about was windows and lights. There is nothing better than going out on a cold wintery day and flipping the switch for faux sunshine. I so wish I could hop over the pond and help.


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