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Finish Me! Art Journal - Tip #4

The Finish Me! art journals are bound with all sorts of paper types, several of which have text. I've cut and bound the pages in a random way. This means that sometimes the text will be the right way up...and sometimes it won't.

We're used to picking up a book and beginning with the front cover, we look through it page by page in sequence, reading left to right. This is quite a linear way to use a book, but this art journal is not a novel, there's not necessarily, a beginning, middle and an end. Maybe as you work in your book, the back cover will sometimes be the front? Consider turning your book, work on it from different directions, from back to front, have it open in 'landscape' format and sometimes 'portrait' format. The Finish Me! book need not be a linear experience. It can be much more spontaneous than that. Start on any page you like, skip pages, go back, jump forward. Think of the book as an interactive object that you can dip into at any point.

I'll be back soon with more suggestions!
Bye for now,


  1. Yesterday I did some work in my"Finisch me" books and I love it. Great fun. I even try out the latest DMTV from Linda. What a great Idea. Instant landscapes. Today I am going to finish them off.

  2. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying my 'Finish me' book. I was reluctant to use it at first but have made a start and look forward to trying out more of the things you suggest.


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