10,000 Hours

I think it's said that it takes 10,000 hours practise to get really good at something. It's an interesting thought. Allow yourself 15 hours a week at something and it'll still take nearly 13 years to fit that in. Hmm. What made me think of it were the students in my class last Saturday when I casually say, oh your quilting will get better the more you practise! Luckily I don't think it takes 10,000 hours to get pretty decent results with free motion stitching.

Course it does help if you start early. In between epic 'why?' conversations Amelie's been keeping us well amused with her drawings this week. She's into nature and these are her drawings of owls.

I think these ones are people. I just love them! I've started photographing and scanning them to get some ready to print to fabric.

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  1. I've had rather a lot to do with owls.Please tell Amelie hers are among the best owl sketches I've ever seen.

  2. Having worked in an infant school, I must say that Amelie is already doing a bit more than a lot of children by drawing the nose.
    Sandy in Bracknell

  3. It's obvious Laura - the child's a genius. I expect she gets it all from her grandmother!!

    1. Ha Ha Ha! Next you'll be telling me these things always skip a generation.

  4. Epic 'why' conversations!! Oh I remember them so well!!!

    Nifty artwork too from the young apprentice. So when are you going to let her loose on the long arm?

  5. 10,000 hours - I'll be near to 75. I guess that is a good age to hit my stride and explode with creative energy. LOL! Amelie's drawings are wonderful. The last one looks as though it is running. Tell Amelie that I have a now juvenille Great Horned Owl that visits my gazebo most evenings. He started last year right after he fledged. I am hoping he is keeping the mice away and not eyeing the cats.


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