More adventures with acrylics

Loved teaching the second part of the Adventures with Acrylics workshop. It's so easy to get enthusiastic about paint, it's such wonderful stuff. The students arrived full of enthusiasm and we picked up where we left off last time, with the collaged paintings.

These are all collage on board with acrylic painting.

Next we moved on to using landscape as a starting point. These are all acrylic on canvas, some with collage.

Students brought with them their own landscape images for reference, from rural scenery, coastal landscapes to satellite photos.

Apologies that I didn't get photos of everyone's paintings, perhaps you'll email me pictures when they're finished?

Loved this one in particular! So atmospheric.

Some aren't quite finished, and will need a few extra layers of glazing, but it was brilliant to see just how quickly the students did get on.

Look at the glow of the sun over the mountains in this one.

I demonstrated throughout the day. Here's a detail of one of mine. It's work in progress, but I'm liking how it's looking so far.

And this one which uses a bit more collage and some sgraffito.  I've added more paint since taking this photo so I'll post it again when it's finished.

I do love painting...might not make a quilt again!

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