Finally some painting. I like to set my palette out with colours from light to dark across the top leaving a large area for mixing below. In this instance I'm using Titanium white, Yellow Ochre, Quinacridone crimson, Phthalo blue and Mars black, and a puddle of glaze medium.

I've worked on this landscape painting that I began during the workshop last week. I've just been enjoying using paint, but also aiming to capture a dramatic sky with a lighter, brighter area through the central section. It's all a bit wet at the moment so I'm going to let it dry, and add a couple more layers of paint just to darken some areas and soften others. 

When it's done I'll get some decent photos in the cold light of day!
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  1. Beautiful painting! I have really enjoyed the past couple posts about acrylic painting. As a novice to the painting world, I printed out your suggestions and taped them to my work table - thanks!


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