Print, Stitch, Paint

I've have been getting too comfortable teaching from my own studio. I can take it for granted that I won't forget anything, and if students fancy going off at a tangent with techniques it's no problem, we will have the wherewithal to hand. So it was with a little trepidation that I loaded as much stuff as I could fit into my little car to teach at Bilston Craft Gallery for the textile group that meets regularly there. The whole way, I had that nagging feeling I'd forgotten something!

Heads down concentration!

I was teaching a new workshop that I've called Print, Stitch, Paint. I've devised it as an introduction to some of the main techniques that I love to use in my own work.

First I gave a demonstration of the essential monoprinting techniques and then the students launched straight in with making their own prints.

After a quick lunch, the sewing machines came out and we stitched the prints. The group has a range of experience and some hadn't done much free motion quilting before, but all dived in with lots of enthusiasm and bravery!

Finally there was time to add detail and colour with paint.

It was a fast paced and fun day. I'm doing it all over again next Saturday for the rest of the group and some visitors.

This'll be a workshop that I'll be offering as part of my Autumn schedule of classes here at the Wooden House. I'll fill you in more on the details as soon as I can.

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  1. Your work is fab, I really fancy having a go when your new autumn classes are announced, I'm not really that far from you travel wise so will keep an open on your blog. Thankyou for the inspiration. x

  2. More classes at the Wooden House ( yippee!) - and with that lovely space literally on your doorstep why would you want to go anywhere else?


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