Festival of Quilts, 3 down, 1 to go

Hi everyone,

Sorry not to have blogged. After long days I'm afraid I've just been too tired, but tonight I have some energy left so here are a few pictures from the Through Our Hands exhibition so far...

Here's one from set-up day - Susan Lenz who's flown in from the US to personally install her amazing piece of work Wall of Keys. Susan's one of the artists who's joined us recently, if you're not yet familiar with her work do check out her website.

Annabel and I have called this exhibition Maker, Making, Made and we wanted to reflect the working practise of the artist, as well as hang the finished works. To that end, there are information panels interspersed with the work telling a little about what the artist was inspired by. There are also photos of them at work, or of their studio spaces which we hopes help to provide and interesting insight.

Most importantly we wanted there to be an element of surprise and entertainment in the exhibition. So often quilt shows can be a little predictable and static and we were looking to do something different. In the centre of the gallery is an island with four pieces of work which are gradually changing appearance over the course of the four days.

There's always been a steady stream of visitors stopping to see what's happening...Annabel's quilt is gradually being painted with more and more detail being added each day.

Meanwhile, Clare Smith has sent us more of her incredible pojagi pieces. Here is Bitter Harvest being dripped with dye. Each day we have added a new colour to the cups at the top of the installation. Throughout the day the colour seeps through the seams and travels down the length of the hangings splitting and merging as it goes. 

Clare has also made a new variant on this idea for the exhibition. This one, Canary in a Coal Mine, is pieced with some fabrics that have been stained with dye, but left so that the colour is fugitive. This piece is being dripped with water causing the dye to bleed and travel across the surface.

The final piece that's changing is mine and Linda's. Here it is on day one.

 And gradually we've been cutting away at it, revealing a secret quilt hidden behind the top layer.


Here's how I left it tonight, almost revealed, just a few more sections of the top fabric to cut away.

That's just a quick taster of what we have on display in the Through Our Hands gallery. There's so much more brilliant work to show you. I'll be taking more pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by here and if you can make it to the show for the last day we'd love to see you.



  1. I love the idea of an interactive portion of a show. So many times viewers really don't understand the amount of work that goes into a piece. Clare's piece is something I'd love to see in person. I did something similar as an experiment one year of dripping dye over a cloth that had been draped over chicken wire. But, Clare's would change so much more as the dye seeps. You and Linda's idea is fabulous! I actually was hoping that you would leave some of the top cloth dangling - kind of a peeling paint effect. The exposed quilt is beautiful. The whole exhibit looks wonderful. On another note, my book and tea towel arrived today. Oh my!!! Both are so much more than I expected. Annabel's tea towel is so gorgeous, I am seriously thinking of framing it and hanging it in our breakfast nook. Thanks again! Now rest up!

  2. Laura - so sorry to have missed this! Was planning to come Sunday, but a friend was very poorly and I had to step in there instead. So gutted that I missed all if this. It looks just fabulous as always.


  3. This is awesome! Would have loved to see it. I love visiting studios and seeing art in progress because it adds so much to the piece once it is done; to see what it was and what it then became. To have this in an exhibition is amazing!

  4. So lovely to get the "feel " of the exhibition if only in 2D. Many thanks on behalf of all those of us who were not able to be there in person. Some stunning work from all.Looking forward to being there next year !!

  5. Love the exhibition.I had a great time. Your stand was beautiful done, and I love your new work Laura, looking forward to see the finish. I bought me the scissor your recomand and another, the one with the two rond points. I love also my beautiful towels with the work of Annabel Rainbow. I will put them around a frame or canvas and hang them in new studio..Pity I missed your mam en Emelie tell them I said hi.
    By the way the portfolio Through our Hands is a beautiful must have, wonderful. It will be on my coffee table to read again and again.Thanks


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