This green and pleasant land

We've lived here for almost two years now and while we didn't move far, I still have been planning to do some work inspired by my new landscape. Gradually I've been exploring, taking photos and getting to know the place. For reasons I won't go into, Jamie found himself on the church tower this weekend and took some great photos of the village. I'm hoping I can make use of these in some way...

The tower and spire in total are over 200ft high!

In through this amazing door. 

And up to the top of the tower.

with lovely views of the countryside and the finest house in the village, the beautiful mid 16th Century hall.

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  1. What views!!!! Good for Jamie! He did a great job!!! You do make a great team!

  2. I love the countryside and I guess the Welsh/Enlish/Scottish genes get fired up when I see photos like these. I grew up in a dairy community that while green and lush, lacked the gorgeous buildings found in Europe. Jamie did a fabulous job as photographer. I really want to go through that door! It has such character. Thanks for sharing!


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