Burning the Candle at Both Ends

I'm worn out and it's only Tuesday! After getting into good blogging habits I've been absent from here for a few days, mainly because I've been slaving on a few different things and partly because I've been in a bit of a grump. I hate feeling fed up, but it was just one of those weeks when events seem to conspire against me. The 4am/5am get ups don't help. I think when you're rested you can deal with anything but when you're tired it doesn't take much to feel overwhelmed. I don't stay grumpy for long though and now I've tackled some important jobs on the list, caught up with deadlines and put out of my mind that I've spotted this week two more occasions where our artistic copyright has been infringed by people who are making financial gain out of our ideas (don't get me started), I feel so much better.

Importantly I had to complete my new quilt for Llanidloes. You'll perhaps remember that I printed those poppy photos to fabric? I think I showed you the ones printed to cotton/linen fabric. Well I also printed the same ones to white cotton. The grand master plan was to slice them all apart and take a piece from the cotton/linen and seam that together with the cotton fabric so I had the same image, but on differently textured fabrics. Well it worked well in theory, but when I put the two printed fabrics together, they just didn't work well. Instead I took advantage of the fact that I'd split the image to insert a section of some handwriting. I'd digitally written this text and then printed it to fabric.

You can see it here coming out of the printer. I love how this has turned out and will definitely use lots more of it. I printed enough for the inserted section and also to back the quilt.

So after some long days the quilt top is together, quilted and bound. I'll photograph it and show you tomorrow. It's ready just in time to go into the parcel to the Minerva Gallery for the SiX and Friends 'Orientation' exhibition which opens there very soon.

Jamie's been keeping the printer running with an interesting variety of other jobs. I thought you might like to see one that we printed last week.

It's a wallhanging made as a gift for a retiring head teacher. Sorry it's upside down in the photo - that's how the images come out of the printer - head first! The design was made by all the school children who've drawn themselves and written their names beneath. Isn't that a fabulous memento for the headteacher to keep? The drawings are so charming and of course digital print makes it so easy to capture all of the detail.

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  1. Sounds like a stressful week. I'll send + energy. You fabrics are luscious and the memorial piece is priceless!!

  2. Love the piece for the teacher!

    Can't wait to see the finished piece.:)


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