It's been one of those weeks when I've not achieved much in practical terms, but had plenty of time to think. I don't know about you, but for me the thinking time is often more important than the doing time. I work fast, but take much longer to think ideas through, to sift through the passing whims and let the serious stuff settle. It's important to be analytical, self-critical and to constantly evaluate, to consider 'what's the point?'. I feel as though I'm at a turning point in my work; that I'm leaving one arena and quietly stepping into another. 

With so many calls on time it's hard to maintain a single train of thought and I have many things started and unfinished. There are of course loads of things on the list that I ought to be doing but there is some work that I need to get out my system. I went out and bought a sketchbook today. I need a new sketchbook like a hole in the head, but there you go, some people get wrecked on a Friday night, some people do drugs, I buy sketchbooks. I've not started it yet though, better finish this one first...

I'm not entirely sure where all this is leading, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

Thanks for reading. 


  1. I enjoyed reading made me can get too busy and it's important to settle down quietly. I love that you brought a new sketch book, I have several empty but they contain my thoughts, not yet rationalised or settled. I'm sure you are about to realise yet another potential, I look forward to seeing what will emerge! Barb x

  2. I recently read a book review about a woman who inherited her mother's lifetime of journals. She sat down to read and discovered they were all blank! Years upon years of empty pages. That alone makes me want to read the book. :) When I get stuck or in a rut, I buy a new journal. I may not use the new journal right away, but that simple act gets me moving and thinking towards what path I want to take. Wishing you an interesting path and fun discoveries!

  3. I too am in that time of introspection but my feelings/ideas aren't as formulated as yours are. Hope the muse returns and lets me know where we are headed!!


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