I heard this week that my quilt Don't Go has been selected for World Quilt in the US which is wonderful news, but the flipside is that it will no longer be available for the Through Our Hands exhibit at Festival of Quilts this August. The other piece that I showed last time sold at the exhibition so that leaves me rather empty handed. I am making a replacement quilt which will be similar but different to the original Don't Go.

The first was digitally printed from a photo of a painting I made. The second uses that same image but at a different scale and with the addition of a digitally handwritten border. What I'm most excited about is the gilding. I always intended for this image to have a feeling of preciousness and lately with the influence of looking at Japanese art and also gilded china I've decided to add a large area of gold.

I've gilded the fabric with metal leaf (an imitation gold). I don't think there's another way to achieve that real intensity and richness of gold.

Tomorrow I'll start the quilting.


  1. Congratulations on the selection of your quilt Laura. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out, the gold looks amazing.

  2. "Digitally handwritten" - does that mean you have scanned your handwriting - or have you used one of those drawing tablets? It gives the work a very interesting look.

  3. Hi Miranne, I write with a tablet and pen, you could use a mouse but the pen and tablet is more intuitive. Laura

  4. Thank you, Laura. Love the effect!


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