Pretty Plates

I may have unleashed a monster! I love having something to look for when I'm out and if you read about the plates recently you'll know I'm looking for interesting china with teal blue decoration. Well of course I started well, but got distracted.

I bought these all off the same old guy who was selling a real range of odd-me-dods out of a three wheeler stuffed with screwed up newspaper and junk. I reckon they're treasure! Two Copeland Spode shallow dishes on the top, in the right colour, then a lovely unmarked blue and white meat platter with very nice indigo transfer design in the middle and an even bigger platter with the terracotta and blue decoration underneath. This last one is pretty hefty measuring 21 inches across, that's a big turkey in anyone's books!

The terracotta/blue one doesn't go with my house decor at all so Mom might get lucky. Especially as when I got it home and looked on the back I noticed it is stamped Wedgwood and possibly (although the date code is hard to read) dates from 1868. Not bad for a fiver.


  1. They all look lovely. It reminds me of a friend who we used to go to dinner with. She collected Delft and she used it all too. Always interesting meals with never a plate matching but they all have a thread of a theme.

  2. I have a lovely old teal blue rectangular deep meat dish Laura if you're interested. It's by F & Sons, Burslem 'Argyll' with an elaborate floral design and what's left of a gold edging. It's approx. 11"x15".


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