10 years on

It doesn't feel ten years since Linda and I made this:

'Flock', Linda and Laura Kemshall, 2004, quilt, 222cm x 193cm
But somehow it is.

We've nearly finished this one. Just the last few stitches to go in.

'Edge of a Feather', Linda and Laura Kemshall, 2014, quilt, 82cm x 138cm

And then the two of them will be flying off to Sainte Marie aux Mines for the 20th Anniversary Exhibition at Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork.

It's quite interesting to consider, when asked what has changed to your way of working, what has happened during a ten year spell. Most of all in our case I would say technique has changed above anything else. Development in product and technological process which we both continue to embrace has ensured that the traditional techniques of drawing and painting that we both love and that are fundamental to the meaning of life for both of us, can now feature very easily on our quilts. I think sometimes there's a misconception that using digital processes some how distances the artist from the work. For us it's the complete opposite and our hand is more evident than ever.

Most importantly, ten years later I'm just happy that I'm still here doing my own thing, that I've not succumbed to the safety of a proper job. Best of all, I'm glad I can do all this with my Mom, that we still, after all these years of working together, dream up madcap creative schemes that seem impossible to achieve at the time but turn into wonderful experiences like pioneering online creative courses for City & Guilds, teaching ourselves to film, edit and produce for DMTV and design, write and self publish a pile of books. I'm looking forward to seeing where we will be in the next 10 years. Mom might say hopefully lying in a hammock with cocktail but I'll be more than happy if we're still here in the studio slogging it out. With of course, our new partner in crime.

Yep, it's that 'smile for the camera' face again!

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  1. Laura - that creativity with Linda is very special. I have 2 creative kids, but am unlikely to share that journey with either in quite the way that you have. It is special and worth celebrating!

  2. You are so lucky to be able to share that together and create such beautiful work.


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