Books for Altering

The first of my new workshops happens next week. We'll be altering books and so I've been gathering together the books I've made and also scouring the local shops for likely contenders to be added to the pile.

When I'm choosing a book to alter there are a few criteria:

  • Price! I'm no cheapskate, but I set a budget per book and try not to spend too much. I wouldn't alter an expensive and collectable book. I'm looking for the books that are a bit tired and need some love.
  • Size. Smaller books are more doable and have a certain charm.
  • The cover. I prefer hardback books. They just stand up to the rigours of being altered better.
  • Paper. If the pages are made from nice paper then that helps. I try to avoid anything too thin or too shiny. 
Here's the lovely collection I've found this week ready for the class. Can't wait to see them transformed!


  1. So wish I could be with you ( and Anabelle) but pesky day job in the way. I look forward to seeing the results. It's a real shame and I feel even worse now that I've seen the books you're going to alter :( But enjoy! Hilary xx


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