It may well be touching 30 degrees C here today, but it's always beautifully cool in the deep pools of green shade underneath the big trees. I call them the big trees as I'm not sure exactly what they are! I need a tree book!

Sadly one of the plum trees didn't fair well in last night's thunderstorm.  The boughs were already straining under the weight of kilos of fruit. 

I'm not sure there's much I can do with bucket loads of hard green plums that are now lying on the lawn!

At least the lemons don't mind being baked on the patio! 



  1. a Google search for unripe plum recipes brings up loads of ideas, including jam, chutney, pickle (and apparently a special German one). Looks like you can wash and put in freezer to deal with more near Christmas when you want something a bit different for gifts.


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