Wednesday Workshop

Today was the Monoprint workshop and we had a great time! I had so been looking forward to today and in spite of the hot weather (even in the lofty hall), the students worked hard and created a huge amount of work. It's not easy to arrive, be shown techniques, and handed a pile of paper and fabric, but they knuckled down brilliantly, embraced the what if and produced fabulous results.  Here's a quick look at what we got up to…

Thanks for dropping by. I'll be scheduling more classes for September onwards (weekdays and weekends). If you'd like to be kept informed and aren't yet on my mailing list, just pop your email address in the box near the top right of this blog. 



  1. How I wish I lived closer to you it looks like a great workshop, and what a super venue!

  2. Some lovely work; I wish I could have been there x


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