Free thread!

As you might know Linda and I love using Madeira threads and the company very generously support our projects. When they heard that I was giving a talk at Festival of Quilts next week they said, "Would you like a reel of thread for everyone in the audience?". Wow, yes please I said! Isn't that a wonderful treat?

So, if you're coming to my lecture 'The Digital Quilt' on Friday 8th August you'll receive a goody bag which includes a gorgeous reel of Madeira Cotona which I think retail at about £5.40 each. Not bad eh?  I'm sure you'll all join me in saying a big "thank you!" to the team at Madeira.

And if you're not coming to my lecture, why not book a spot today? There's still time to book online at I'd love to see lots of friendly faces in the audience.

Hope to see you there,


  1. Will miss your lecture unfortunately, as we are visiting FOQ on Thursday, but best wishes that all goes well for you, I am sure it will be an unqualified success.

  2. I'd love to visit FOQ, but alas, it is not in the budget this year. Consider sending some love to California :)


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