Infinity Scarf

I've been designing some new items for Fingerprint and this is the first I have to show you - the Infinity Scarf. I've been wearing mine non-stop since I made it, it's just so warm and cosy and perfect for these chillier days. I don't like to wear wool, so this soft and smooth cotton lawn is a great alternative.

This version is printed with 'The Message', a print design that Linda came up with. It was originally a page of block printing in her sketchbook made with black and metallic gold acrylic paint with washes of vibrant red and pink over the top. We simply scanned the page, cropped the sections we wanted and saved the file ready for printing.

The Infinity Scarf is sewn as a long loop which makes it so easy to wear. I like to double it up, but you could also wear it as a single loop too.

The Infinity Scarves are available to order in our shop now. Here's a link to the page:

The cotton lawn is an off-white colour, and we can print it with any design from the Fingerprint fabric range, or of course, your own design. Either way, it's the same price, printed, sewn and posted to you (anywhere in the world) for £29.

So you'd like to have your own design printed? What will work well? Perhaps you've got artwork in your sketchbook, you can pop it on your scanner or take a photo and send that over. Digital photos of favourite landscapes, seaside views, trees, cityscapes, all could work beautifully. Really anything goes and if you're not sure you can always send your images over and I'll take a look and advise.

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea- I've ordered one straight away! :)


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